The Importance of Going Green as A Business


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Going green is a term that’s been linked to being environmentally conscious. But when it comes to business, it means adjusting some or even all of their operations to something that can benefit the environment. All companies in the world are using a lot of resources to run their business. And one way to step into the right direction is by going green.

You cannot find any actual or legal standards for making your business to go green. However, there are some qualifications that you can fulfill to get a third-party certification. For example, complying with environmental regulations with sincerity is one way to get such. Now that you’ve done this, you must do your part by minimizing waste and use of chemicals that could harm the environment. You can start by telling your manufacturer to use recycled paper or utilize renewable energy such as solar or wind power. Educate your employees so that other businesses can follow your footsteps. It’s one way to spread the word about going green.

It won’t be an easy process for other companies though. They might hesitate on going green due to a number of reasons such as cost effectiveness and inconvenient changes. Going green can really delve into your essential profits, but the results will be rewarding afterwards.

There are some third-party organizations that ensure regards to businesses to go green. Here are some of them:

  • Green Business Bureau (GGB)

  • Founded in 2008, GGB has been giving companies and government agencies business certification to go green only for those who deserve it. Not only that, they also give support for those who recognized their effort for making the environment a better place.
  • GGB makes these businesses as their members, which benefits them to spread the world about going green. Perks for such members include a free membership for “Eco-Friendly Chamber”, the highest-rated organization for environmental advocacy.
  • Green Business Certification (GBC)

  • Is an organization that’s founded way back on 2006 which consists of individuals that are passionate in environmental causes. They reward “green” certificates for those businesses who works for them. The GBC also works on dealing some environmental issues such as pollutants or dangerous chemicals, and recycling is also a part of their environmental concern.
  • You need to pass the online test that’s given by GBC in order to obtain a green certification. You’ll be then given a “Green Business Environmental Specialist” label if you succeed.
  • Bay Area Green Business Program

  • This program is focused on Bay Area’s business sector in particular. Their main goal is to encourage everyone to conserve water and energy along with implementing reusable energy whenever possible. This program is driven forward by teaming up with local environment departments. When a business gets certified by this organization, the Bay Area Business Program will then share their own marketing toolkit for these businesses.
  • Green Business Program

  • This organization grants green certification for both private and government sectors in businesses. Establishments such as hotels, factories. Stores, pharmacies, and even legal companies are all included. It helps these businesses/establishments to save money and help the environment at the same time.
  • Energy Star

  • This organization gives certification symbol for buildings, plants, light bulbs, electronics, appliances, and among others. This is crucial for those companies who are aiming to gain market share by providing items that are environmental friendly. You can visit the EPA online for free if you want to measure energy emissions and general use. A business will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 100 from the online tool. A rank of 75+ means you’ll be able to apply for an Energy Star certification.


Why Getting Certified is Important

  1. Once certified, you’ll get access to marketing strategies that’s beneficial for your business as well as for the environment. Some of these organizations will give you their own toolkit, or you’ll be recruited as their partner that enables you to interact with other businesses that are going “green” also.
  2. Your business will reduce the daily cost of operation once you go green. Such example of this is renewable energy, which cost less to none on a daily basis. Installing such can be costly though, especially solar panels. But nonetheless, this type of device will recharge without worrying about any additional expenses.
  3. Going green will result to a positive image for your company. A good reputation will lead to a large consumer base which is definitely beneficial for your business. Having a green certification can indeed attract people that are also trying to live a greener and healthier lifestyle.
  4. Having a green certification will make your company “eco-labeled”. This means that your company can market any kind of products with an eco-friendly logo on it. This gives you a chance to up your game against your competitors. Customers will definitely love your brand too. To sum it all up, it will give your brand a good image in the competitive industry.
  5. A certified “green” company can also get incentives and government rebates. The government might issue tax credits for these companies though in order to establish alternative ways to help out in the process of going green.


  • If you really want your business to go green and gain its benefits, then you have to prove that you’re economically sustainable. Which means that you’re responsible in terms of moral and social manner while being financially independent at the same time.
  • Being green also mean giving back to the environment, support human rights, and help the world to become a better place for humanity. Having a “green business” is just the beginning and there’s a whole lot more that you can do along the way.