How Skyscrapers with Vertical Farms Can Help Solve World Hunger


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Based on an article from the “World Economic Forum” website, one way to end world hunger is by cultivating crops through skyscrapers. The website called these skyscrapers as “plantscrapers” because of crops being grown vertically through these buildings.

While “Plantscrapers” are still out of sight yet, the World Economic Forum site has already stated why these vertical farms can be a possible solution for one of the world’s biggest problem of all time.

  • Building the Prototype
  • The company behind this so called plantscraper is Plantagon. The company had launched a crowdfunding campaign to source sufficient funds for the first evert prototype of the plantscraper that’s going to be located in Sweden. This prototype is named the “World Food Building” and it will serve as an example for many industrial urban farming companies.
  • Using Renewable Energy

  • Plantagon stated that growing crops inside a skyscraper can save a lot of cash. The Swedish company also expects that the soon to be sixteen-story prototype will produce 500 metric tons of food a year. Half of the energy that’s used from the cultivation process will be used to heat the offices inside the building. Plantagon had come up with an estimation that the plantscraper could save 1,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide and 50 million liters of water than traditional farming.
  • A Time to Change

  • Traditional farming has been the solution for the worldwide growing demand for food for quite some time now. It enables substantial savings to be achieved with regard to space, energy consumption and CO2 production. However, initiatives in the area of urban farming had remained inadequate until today. This is what motivates Plantagon to change that situation.
  • Solution

  • Plantagon sees plantscrapers as the next big thing for the future of farming. “Our vertical farming technology is a solution to the food crisis caused by our human population growing so rapidly,” the company said during a press release. If this kind of technology will work out in the coming years, then the world is now one step closer to become a better place.