Four Ways to Make an Eco-Friendly Yard


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Converting your backyard into an eco-friendly one can create a huge impact to our planet’s health. It isn’t hard to create a self-sustaining yard as long as you follow these four tips down below. Let’s get started!

  • Have a Bug-Friendly Garden

  • Some people hate to deal with these little critters, but not all of them are bad though. Some of them are useful bugs that can benefit your plants, fruits, and vegetables alike. These useful bugs can also destroy harmful bugs by eating them. Plant lots of flowers that can attract a lot of bugs. Sunflower, and also Marigolds, are perfect because they are pretty and brighter which can really attract bugs.
  • Let the Birds In

  • Just like bugs, birds can also help your backyard stay healthy. Slugs and snails can slowly destroy your crops in no time. But having birds in your backyard means saying goodbye to these little creatures because these birds will eat them to keep your problems at bay. Attract birds by putting bird feeders in your backyard or even nesting boxes for them to stay in. Doing so will encourage birds to visit your yard again and again, and saves you time and money from using insecticides just to keep your garden healthy.
  • Install Solar Panels

  • Installing Solar panels is one way to help you conserve energy. If you already had solar panels at your home, then consider getting one for your backyard as well if you have the budget of course. If only everyone knows the benefits of solar panels, then the world would be in a much healthier state.
  • Create Your Own Compost

  • Compost can make your plants grow better, stronger, and make vegetables taste better. You can purchase one from your local hardware store, or you can just make your own to save cash. Adding compost to your yard means adding nutrients to the soil which encourages better plant growth and prevents diseases from spreading. They are great alternatives from using harmful chemical fertilizers. It’s easy to create your own compost. All you need to do is collect compostable ingredients like table scraps, egg shells, tea leaves, fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds, and even shredded paper and weeds. Once you’re done collecting them, pile them up in a warmer part of your yard and let the bugs do its thing thereafter.