Facts About the Environment That Show the Dire Need to Make Serious Changes


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Climate change, extinction, and loss of natural resources are all things that we as humans are responsible for. Progress, technology, and the constant need for more, better, and comfort have caused our Earth to become sick. Many people are trying to save and conserve and do what they can. It’s not enough. For the Earth to recover, we all need to do what we can. If you’re not convinced that you want to help, continue reading.

Pollution. Pollution kills over 100 million people and is one of the biggest global killers. It is up there with HIV and malaria.

Extinction. More than a million of our animal and plant life species have gone extinct and many more species are under threat of extinction.

Heat-related deaths. Studies are showing that by the end of the 2000s, 1,5 million people will die because of heat.
Population growth. In the last 50 years, the human population has grown with the same amount of people as it did in the 4 million years before that. Think about that for a minute.

Earth’s resources. At the current rate of population growth, the Earth cannot provide for everyone. We are using up 50% more of the Earth’s natural resources than she can provide.

Rainforests. Beautiful and lush rainforests have taken thousands of years to form. Humans come along and they destroy it at the rate of a football field portion per second.

Waste in the ocean. Another continent made up of plastics and other waste, have formed in our ocean. It is roughly the size of India, Europe, and Mexico combined.

Water pollution. In underdeveloped countries, millions of people die every year because of polluted water. They have access to water, but the water is polluted with chemicals and waste and cleaning the water cost a lot of money.

If these few facts do not convince you to start changing how you live, nothing will. We can all help by recycling, using less energy, making use of green practices, and keeping our streets and water clean.

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