About Us

Energy Library is a blog site concerning all things energy and environment related. Energy problems and the effect of our energy use on the environment are quite real. No-one can deny that there have been serious changes in the world and our climate in the last several years. We discuss all of these issues and more on this site.

Our team is very dedicated to conserving the environment while also saving energy and still living well. The team is made up of environmental studies students and professors, energy experts, and others working or studying in related fields. We keep abreast of new developments and news and make sure that you also know what is going on in the world of energy.

We are dedicated to the education of our readers about energy use, energy saving, energy alternatives, and how to live more environmentally friendly. We share plenty of facts and tips to help you help the environment and help save yourself some money. Energy consumption and its effects is a real issue and we all need to take note and do our part.

Energy Library strives to inform, educate, and encourage debate and different opinions. Welcome to our blog. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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