Stop Cutting Down Your Trees – Free Energy!

Though summertime is a wonderful time of year, with plenty of sunshine and flowers, but it can also be a very hot time of year and cooling your home during the warmer months can get expensive. Though there is little you can do about the heat of the sun, there are some things you could do to help cool your home naturally, and save energy. We know you probably have an awesome Chainsaw, and a fancy pair of chainsaw chaps, but resist wearing them and let your trees grow!

One of the most natural methods of cooling is by shading your home from the sun; to do this you will have to plant shade trees in your yard. There are several different types of trees that are good for shade; the area of the country you live in will be the deciding factor on which types of trees you plant.

One of the best, and fastest growing shade trees is the Red Oak. These trees tend to grow faster than others, and the size of the tree and its leaves give off great shade. If you surround your house with a couple of Red Oak Trees, in time they will give you significant protection against the harsh sun and heat.

When planting trees in your yard to provide shade you will have a couple of different options; you can either go with saplings, which will take a while to grow, or you can have full grown trees planted. This option is very expensive, but will provide immediate relief form the heat of the sun, and save you energy now. Planting saplings will be much less expensive, but then it will be a few years before you see the benefits of the trees.

There are a few more things you will have to consider if you are thinking of planting shade trees to save energy. First, you will have to think of the best place to plant that will provide you the maximum protection against the sun; the next thing you will have to look at is where in your yard will there be room to plant trees. Keep in mind the size of the trees when they are full grown, as well as how much room the roots will need. Not every yard has enough room to plant trees that grow big, but just about any type of tree is better than none for saving energy and helping to cool your house.

Trees are a beautiful addition to your yard’s landscape, and they make it pleasant to spend time outdoors, as well as helping to cool your home


Vacuum Cleaners and Energy Efficiency

Your vacuum cleaner is among the biggest energy consumers in your residence. Preserving power needs to go to the top of your top priority. With the enhancing shortage of energy resources, we ought to all take part in the conservation of energy. Begin saving energy by knowing ways to use your vacuum cleaner intelligently. Most newer canister vacuum cleaners like the ones on this site can help save money unlike older models.

Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum

Tidy your vacuum frequently. The bag needs to be disposed of when 3/4ths full. Do not allow it overflow or the collected dust will spread inside the equipment and into the electronics. Additionally tidy the brush roll. The equipment could function much faster as well as better in grabbing dirt if the brush roll is tidy. Get rid of gathered hair and pet dander. Likewise, examine the bearings. Apply lube to the bearings if they are a little limited. In this manner, the cleaner can roll perfectly. If there are components that should be changed, you should change them right away.

Restricting your use of this cleaning device

You ought to just use it when needed. This is best-made use of in cleaning upholstery and also furniture like mattresses as well as sofas to completely remove allergen as well as pet hair. When cleaning the flooring, you may want to make use of damp wipe to get rid of dust. Upright vacuum devices can be used however they likewise take in a great deal of power. You could do the job by hand. You can additionally use the extra hoses and tools.

Ensure the device has been plugged straight to the outlet

Do not make use of an extension cable as added power could obtain lost there. Straight connect it to an electrical outlet. These cleaning devices also require high voltage to function properly. It may wear away faster if it works in just minimal power supply.

Try switching to a more reliable cleansing device

When buying vacuum cleaners, make certain you choose those that has reliable functions. The power rated ones eat less energy. Compare the ordinary yearly energy consumption so you can choose better.

Do not make use of the machine to get sharp objects, pebbles and huge items

The vacuum cleaner works harder when you pick up these things. That being said, it has the tendency to take in more power.

Methodically clean your house

If your residence has a second flooring, start there first. This way, airborne dirt will certainly not take a trip to the first stage of your home when you have already cleaned that area.


The 5 Main Types of Renewable Energy and the Problems They Face

Renewable energy sources are being used more and more by people and companies around the world. Unfortunately, it is not making enough of a change yet. Some alternative energy sources are still being developed so we can use it more easily and others are a bit too expensive for everyone to install. If you can find a way to use these energies at home, do so.

There are 5 main types of renewable energy:

1. Wind power

Currently, this is the cheapest form of renewable energy. It uses the wind to power turbines that generate energy. There are no pollutants that are produced through this process. There are some concerns about the turbines and how they will affect the landscape and the habitat in years to come.

2. Solar power

As long as the sun shines, solar power will be a renewable energy source and we will have power. Solar panels are used to turn sunlight into energy without any negative pollutants as a result. The drawbacks of this type of energy are the cost of the solar panels and the amount of energy that is generated on days that are overcast.

3. Biomass

This type of renewable energy uses plant matter and animal waste to generate electricity. If these products are converted properly, it produces very little pollution and is a low-carbon energy source. This is a trickier renewable source and there is still some development needed. The conversion process is costly and if it is done incorrectly, it can cause damage to the environment.

4. Geothermal energy

This type of energy is generated through heated water and steam from the Earth. The steam is turned into electricity with no pollutants as a result. There are several geothermal power stations in California that produce 5% of the state’s power needs. The problem with this type of energy lies in the cost of building the plants and the availability of geothermally active areas.

5. Hydroelectric power

This type of power uses water running or flowing over turbines to make them move and produce electricity. Hydropower currently provides 20% of the world’s energy needs. Costs and potential disruption of wildlife, land, and communities are problems that we face with this type pf power.

As you can see, there are still a lot of development and research to be done to make these energy sources more readily available. Until then, try and do what you can to conserve energy.


5 Simple Ways to Conserve Energy in Your House and Reduce Your Bill

Using less energy in your home does not only save you money on your energy bill, but it also helps to save the environment. Our energy resources are running out and causing a lot of pollution. In order to conserve energy for future generations and clean up our world, energy saving is a must. Follow these 5 simple ways to save energy, the environment, and your money.

Check and fix your windows.

If your windows have thin windowpanes or cause drafts when closed, you need to fix them. A lot of heat gets lost through drafty and thin windowpanes. This can run up your winter energy bill because the heat keeps escaping. Double pane your windows or make sure that they are properly sealed.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

Change all your light bulbs to halogen light bulbs. They are energy efficient and use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. The halogen bulbs might cost more than the traditional ones, but they last longer and save you money on your power bill.

Wash with cold water

Only wash your clothes in cold water in the washing machine. This will reduce your energy bill. It seems that top loader washing machines use more power than front loaders. Consider making a switch.

Turn down the thermostat

Heating and air-conditioning units use a lot of energy to run. Avoid running these systems the whole day and turn them down by a few degrees. Instead of over-using heating, use cheaper methods like a hot-water bottle and an electric blanket to warm your bed. Leave the blanket on for a few minutes and once you are nice and cozy, switch it off. Your body heat, flannel sheets, and warm blankets will keep you warm no matter the room temperature.

Plant a few trees

Trees around your house will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. During summer, they will offer welcome shade and in winter they will allow sunlight to come through the windows while also acting as windbreakers.

Try these 5 simple things and see the difference in your energy bill. You might not see the difference it makes to the environment, but it does make a difference.


Facts About the Environment That Show the Dire Need to Make Serious Changes

Climate change, extinction, and loss of natural resources are all things that we as humans are responsible for. Progress, technology, and the constant need for more, better, and comfort have caused our Earth to become sick. Many people are trying to save and conserve and do what they can. It’s not enough. For the Earth to recover, we all need to do what we can. If you’re not convinced that you want to help, continue reading.

Pollution. Pollution kills over 100 million people and is one of the biggest global killers. It is up there with HIV and malaria.

Extinction. More than a million of our animal and plant life species have gone extinct and many more species are under threat of extinction.

Heat-related deaths. Studies are showing that by the end of the 2000s, 1,5 million people will die because of heat.
Population growth. In the last 50 years, the human population has grown with the same amount of people as it did in the 4 million years before that. Think about that for a minute.

Earth’s resources. At the current rate of population growth, the Earth cannot provide for everyone. We are using up 50% more of the Earth’s natural resources than she can provide.

Rainforests. Beautiful and lush rainforests have taken thousands of years to form. Humans come along and they destroy it at the rate of a football field portion per second.

Waste in the ocean. Another continent made up of plastics and other waste, have formed in our ocean. It is roughly the size of India, Europe, and Mexico combined.

Water pollution. In underdeveloped countries, millions of people die every year because of polluted water. They have access to water, but the water is polluted with chemicals and waste and cleaning the water cost a lot of money.

If these few facts do not convince you to start changing how you live, nothing will. We can all help by recycling, using less energy, making use of green practices, and keeping our streets and water clean.