Save Cash by Going Green with These Five Essential Tips

Climate change impacts our planet from time to time and that’s why it’s important to take care of our environment by starting in our own home. With that being said, we should proactively do recycling, reducing, pollution, and minimize our water and energy consumption.

This can not only help our environment, but can also let you save cash for future uses. In this article, we’re going to tackle five simple ways towards green living.

  • Get a Low Flow Shower Head

  • Installing low flow shower heads is one way to reduce water consumption. They just work like ordinary water head’s though but only more efficient. Which means you’ll see less of your water bill pilling up quickly month after month.
  • Use LED Lights

  • Incandescent light bulbs eat a lot of energy which can make your electric bill soar rocket high. Not only that, they also need to be replaced regularly because of their short life span. That’s why it’s better to use LED lights because of them being energy-efficient, and has a longer life span that can last up to ten years. Since LED lights can last for up to a decade, you don’t need to worry of changing your light bulbs year after year.
  • Walk/Cycle Your Way to Work

  • About 27% of green gas emissions are caused by cars or any kinds of transportation that has gas. Save planet earth by cycling or walking your way around the city. Either you’re visiting a loved one, shopping, or going to work, taking the road by bikes or foot can save you money and improve your health at the same time.
  • Spice Up Your Garden with Native Trees

  • Trees can help fight climate change because they absorb harmful CO2 water in the air, which is then combined with water and to be released as oxygen. That’s why you should consider planting a lot of trees in your garden. One large tree can provide enough oxygen to four people. But in what way do these trees can help you save money? With trees, no need to turn on that AC during a hot day because tress can provide natural shade for your home. Trees can also increase your property’s value which is a must-have for your outdoor space.
  • Use a Power Strip

  • Many of us think that our gadgets are not using electricity when being turned off. But in reality, these gadgets use phantom power when plugged into a wall. This is where Power Strips come into play. Power strips ensures that all your devices are completely turned off at night or when you leave your home. Using them creates a huge difference to your electric bill and your wallet will probably thank you later.

Five Things You Can Do to Have an Energy Efficient Home

There are a lot of ways to make your home energy efficient. Not only it creates a helpful impact to the environment, but it also helps you save cash from those sky high electric bills. When homes use less energy to heat up or stay cool, this means that it reduces carbon footprint on the environment. It’s easy as turning off the lights when not in use or going to costly and complicated ones like installing solar panels to power your home.

You’ll get a lot of benefits for having an energy-friendly home such as lower energy bills, energy reliability and security, and environmental stability. That’s why this is important not just for you, but also for the environment as well. Below are five things you can do to start your energy-efficient home journey. Let’s take a look at them!

  1. Secure and Insulate Your Home

  • Make sure that your home is hole-free by plugging those holes around your doors and windows. Your electric bills will go sky high when heat and cold can escape through these holes. Holes can be found anywhere around your home including utility lines, siding, roofing, and even around windows and air vent ducts. You can try caulking to seal these holes or weather stripping. If your ventilation systems are getting older, replace them with newer ones. You may want to get additional ventilation for your attic if you think you need more insulation around the house in your walls. A better insulated home will result to less energy consumption while keeping temperature levels stable at the same time.
  1. Replace Old Doors & Windows

  • Heat and Cold can enter in through doors and windows. If you think that your doors and windows aren’t good enough to block these two anymore, then it’s time to get a newer one. You can find a lot of energy efficient windows at your local home improvement store or even online. When picking windows, check for the energy star ratings. It may seem costly, but investing in energy efficient doors and windows could save you money in the long run which is definitely worth it.


  1. Get New Appliances

  • Appliances consume more energy as they age. So if you have old appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, vacuum cleaners, and etc., then replace them with newer ones that are more energy-friendly. Don’t forget to check for the energy star ratings when getting a new one to ensure you’re getting the best one out there.
  1. Use LED Light Bulbs

  • Incandescent and CFL Light bulbs like to suck out a lot of energy which can increase your electric bill to the max. This is the time to invest on energy saving LED Bulbs. They may be costly, but getting one can save you money in the long run knowing that this type of bulb eats less energy than the others.
  1. Install Solar Panels

  • It is already known that solar panels can really save you more energy so why not get something for your home too? Using solar panels can result to lower energy bills which is definitely a must have to make your home energy-efficient. Solar panels are versatile; they can be used for heating water, heating your home via sunlight, and provide electricity. Producing your own electricity using solar panels could ease off some of the pressure from the national grid. Once again, solar panels are costly, but don’t be afraid to spend some cash for your home as long as its beneficial.

So there you have it! These tips are just the beginning and we hope that this article helped you on getting ideas on how to make your home energy-efficient. Don’t forget to plant a lot of trees on your back or front yard as well to provide natural shade for your home. It will help your surroundings stay cooler especially on summer.


This Boat is Going Around the World Using Only Recycled Energy

An experienced ocean racer by the name of Victorien Erussard from the city of Saint-Malo located in Northern France once lost all power in the boat he was using in a dash across the Atlantic. Sails were luckily present to keep the boat on the move but to supply the needed power for the Marine Electronics to run, Erussard relied on a generator and an engine. Autopilot was temporarily lost as navigation systems shut down which put his chances of winning in jeopardy. This happened during the 2013 Transat Jaques Vabre race, according to magazine.

After that unfortunate experience. Erussard immediately thought that mishaps like that should never happen again. And he had the idea of creating a ship that would use different energy sources. The plan was also fueled by the ugly sight of large cargo ships spreading pollution both on water and in the air.

These ships cross the oceans spreading bad stuff all around.

“These big vessels are a great threat to humanity due to the large quantity of fuel oil that they use,” he added.

Five years after, the idea has finally come to fruition in the form of a catamaran called the Energy Observer. It runs on renewable energy sources and the mission is much identical to the Solar Impulse 2 – a plane powered by solar energy which was flown around the world by Andrew Borschberg and Bertrand Picard just a few years back.

Erussard together with his teammate Jerome Delafosse is now planning to sail around the Earth without the use of any kind of fossil fuel. They plan to make fuel using the sun, seawater, and wind.

Energy Observe began as a racing boat but now has taken the form of a battle cruiser reminiscent of the props that you see in sci-fi movies. Most of the horizontal spaces on it are covered with solar panels. The total area covered by these panels is 1,400 square feet. Some solar panels even curve in certain areas to follow the aerodynamic edges and contours.

Suspended spaces are also added to hold solar panels some getting it from direct sunlight and the other bi-facial ones are getting solar energy from the light being reflected by the water. The rear portion is flanked by a couple of vertical egg whisk-style wind turbines that add to the renewable green energy being produced from the forces of nature.

The propelling power is given off by twin electric motors which are both powered by the power being generated by the power sources just mentioned above. But all the energy produced are going to be useless if it is not stored. Yes! The electrical power is stored in 106-kWh batteries which are roughly the same size as the one you’ll find in a top-end Tesla car.

These batteries provide immediate energy, and storage, as well as access to it, is easy. The bulk of extra energy generated from the shining sun and the blowing wind which the battery cannot hold is being converted to hydrogen using an electrolyzer which splits the hydrogen and oxygen atoms apart.

The latter (oxygen) is being released back into the atmosphere while the former (hydrogen) is being stored in tanks (eight of them) on board.

To make sure that the boat is safe, the tanks are made of carbon fiber and aluminum and it is capable of holding up to 137 pounds of compressed hydrogen. When the need for that energy arises, the hydrogen is fed through a fuel cell where it recombines with oxygen derived from the air in order to produce electricity. Water is then produced as the byproduct of the whole process. It’s the same mechanism and process that works in fuel cell cars like the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity.

By having an efficient energy storage other than battery banks, Erussard was able to make Energy Observer a lot lighter (up to three times) when compared to similar size MS Tûranor PlanetSolar which is the first boat to be able to circle the world using pure solar power back in 2012.

The boat itself is soft to the ears and the planet as a whole since it is quiet and free from sound pollution. Navigating on the vessel is a pleasure in itself according to Erussard who spoke on stage at the future mobility conference entitled Movein’On in Montreal, Canada.

Within the boat is a gleaming white helm that features two captain seats and living quarters that looks modern and minimalistic in white paint and design. The team made sure that the furnishings are as light as possible to make the Energy Observer a lot more energy efficient.

The team made it clear that they are not rushing things. The mission officially started in June 2017 and it’s going to last six years reaching 50 countries in its course. Along the way, the boat is going to make 101 stops – a wonderful adventure indeed! The vessel has now traveled over 7,000 nautical miles as it traveled through different ports in the coastal cities of France. Currently, it’s already in the Mediterranean and is due to arrive in Venice on July 6 where it will spend 10 days in port. The crew is going to have a meet-and-greet with the public where an interactive set up and exhibit showcasing environment-friendly technologies.

Erussard added: “The idea with this ship is to prove a potential energy system of the future”.

He believes that the type of energy generation and storage employed in the vessel is also applicable to land vehicles. Having such technologies implemented would mean less dependence on fossil fuel and he’s looking forward to a future where the oceans are going to be clean from ships that use massive amounts of fossil fuel.



Which Fuel Source is Best for Grilling

Every barbeque enthusiast has an opinion regarding the most effective fuel to utilize on their grill. If you have actually never looked at your fuel choices, you should, due to the fact that the fuel you make use of could make a huge difference to the top quality of your barbecued meals. To note, we are a bit biased in our opinions. Our team owns several pellet grills, including the rec-tec mini grill, which uses pellets, a wood style of fuel.

The three gas choices are charcoal, briquettes as well as wood.

In this short article we’ll check out each of these subsequently and after that make some recommendations concerning the most effective methods to utilize each of them on your charcoal grill.


The human race has actually been making charcoal for thousands of years, and also most likely been using it for cooking for virtually as lengthy.

Charcoal is made by burning timber in an environment deprived of oxygen, and also while it’s burning, water and other volatile parts in the timber are vaporized. The charcoal produced is utilized as a gas as opposed to timber. It’s good for cooking food over due to the fact that it sheds more constantly than wood as well as it doesn’t convey any kind of specific flavors (excellent or poor) to the food cooked. Tastes could be generated by adding wood chips to the burning charcoal (we’ll review this later).

Typically talking, the most effective timbers for melting on an open fire are also the most effective ones for generating charcoal. But very commonly when you get lump charcoal for a BBQ grill you’re not informed exactly what kind of wood was utilized to earn it, yet if you do get an option select charcoal made from woods such as oak, hickory or mesquite.

Avoid the inferior charcoal generated from wood off-cuts.

Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal briquettes showed up on the market after Henry Ford detected a chance to utilize the timber waste created from auto manufacturing to make charcoal briquettes. He did this by taking advantage of a formerly copyrighted strategy for generating “gas briquettes”. This strategy included a special process for incorporating and compressing granulated charcoal (produced type his waste timber) with a combination of borax (made use of to assist the manufacturing process) as well as petroleum items (used to bind the wood-chips with each other as well as assist ignition).

Henry Ford was absolutely onto a good idea. He made great deals of loan offering his briquettes for the nations charcoal grills. Today there are great deals of different selections and brand names of briquettes on the industry, several of which do not contain the unpleasant-smelling petroleum products. Nevertheless, also if you can prevent purchasing briquettes containing oil items, it’s still best to let them burn for a while on your charcoal grill prior to you begin barbecuing food making sure that you eliminate other materials that may impact the taste as well as odor of your food.

Great deals of people utilize a Charcoal Grill Smokeshaft Starter to prepare the briquettes for their grills. This technique avoids placing shedding coals onto your grill up until the undesirable compounds in them have burnt. Making use of a chimney starter you could likewise restore your grill with fresh sets of warm briquettes when you are barbecuing for long periods of time.


Several barbeque experts favor to use wood for their gas grill. The reason isn’t really difficult to comprehend. Burning timber emits all-natural materials which can present the most wonderful tastes to food. These compounds are shed if the same wood is transformed to charcoal.

The truly intriguing fact about these flavoring substances is that they differ from one type of timber to another. So if you bbq the very same food with woods such as oak, beech and also hickory the possibilities are that you’ll observe an extremely different taste with each variety of wood.

Exactly what’s the most effective Fuel for a Charcoal Grill?

There are benefits and negative aspects for each of the three sorts of gas grill gas.

Briquettes are exceptionally preferred and widely available. We’ve pointed out several of their restrictions, but among the big benefits of briquettes is that they’re easy to take care of and transfer, when they shed they preserve a constant high temperature (600 levels F and also greater) for extended periods. Some types of wood Charcoal lumpswill additionally give heats, however all-natural charcoal will regularly not keep a certain temperature for longer durations.

Timber can reach also higher temperatures compared to either briquettes or natural charcoal however it’s hard to maintain these temperature levels. If it is essential to preserve a regular high temperature with wood you’ll most likely should renew your grill with fresh wood throughout the cooking period.

One very important point to make is that if you are using wood on your charcoal grill, bear in mind to keep the grill open. If you don’t do this your food will certainly end up tasting much as well great smoky – probably even not fit to eat.


Tree Companies with Your Best Interests in Mind

Why Remove Trees?

With the existence of a big number of various ecological companies that are committed to preserving trees, it’s simple for us to tell that trees are actually an excellent issue. Trees do not just provide us the tidy fresh air that we take a breath but in addition to the building materials, sanctuary, as well as natural items that we require. If you have trees at home that you wish to preserve, you can do so through the assistance of an excellent tree service nashville.

When rain takes place generously, plants tend to grow excess fallen leaves, which crowd them up. This in turn causes their opportunities of survival to lower. In this situation, a specific kind of tree solution referred to as tree cutting is required. A tree trimming solution is done in order to obtain eliminate excess fallen leaves by using a tree cutter. Aside from maintaining trees to life, tree trimming solutions likewise help trees to look even more stunning. Furthermore, they also aid enhance the growth of trees. In locations where there are huge plantations such as woodlands, tree trimming is done with the use of devices. This is a simple approach that makes use of electronic power.

Picking the Right Removal Company

Tree removal is an additional type of solution that’s called for when handling plants. This is an intricate type of solution that needs a great deal of understanding as well as skill. In general, all kinds of tree services required different credentials that need to be met by individuals who supply them. As an example, a firm ought to be accredited as well as need to have a good amount of experience in the market given that this kind of work threatens. A lot of safety and security threats are associated with the tree industry specifically if solutions are carried out in suburbs. Tree removal should be done when trees posture a danger to buildings as well as human beings. The trees that are removed can be utilized for other types of solutions.

Pruning follows in line. This is done to maintain trees healthy and appealing. This could be performed in various means depending on the types of the trees and exactly how you want them to grow. Plants are cut so that they don’t interfere with structures while enabling them to grow healthy and strong at the very same time. Reducing entails a great deal of classifications such as crown cleaning, which includes eliminating excess branches as well as dead components of trees. Interior thinning is another classification that’s done to earn trees wind immune.

Despite the fact that the different types of services that I’ve mentioned above involve a lot of work, they are all worth it since they aid trees to survive for a very long time. Our earth will not be the same without trees. Besides including color to our earth, trees additionally make our globe a good place to reside in.


Options for Green Energy in the UK

Not everybody has the high-end living in the UK where gas is conveniently available. While it is true that gas is currently the most efficient and also the cheapest form of energy for heating up the house, much of us count on electrical power and also possibly supplement this with oil. For these individuals choosing the ideal energy, the provider is critical, both in terms of obtaining the most effective offer financially, however, see to it that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.

Electric heating units such as radiators are an excellent alternative or added source of heating for most homes and also if you occur to be on a green tariff with your energy distributor you will add aid with reducing carbon emissions. It is a win situation. So what green energy tools are readily available and how certain that yours is absolutely eco-friendly as well as worth the extra effort?

How does it function?

Green energy distributors acquisition energy which is carbon cost-free or carbon neutral and markets it on their consumers utilizing a green tariff. Examples of this energy might be wind turbines, solar power, hydroelectric, biomass or nuclear. In the UK these resources of electrical power accounts are around 7% of all readily available energy, yet this figure is gradually climbing. The government is behind this step in the direction of sustainable types of energy and also has actually set a target of 30% of the UK’s electrical energy required coming from eco-friendly resources by 2020.

Energy business should adhere to the Green Energy Supply Qualification Scheme which is created to ensure that customers are not being mis-sold when it involves greener energy options. This suggests that the tariffs are independently inspected and that they satisfy green energy supply guidelines as laid out by Ofgem. They should additionally reveal that they have bought enough renewable resource to supply every one of their eco-friendly toll customers.

Energy providers could fulfill the Ofgem guidelines by additionally off-setting their very own carbon production, offering energy conserving steps for their customers such as insulation or spending right into an eco-friendly fund used on area structures.

The downside

This sounds great, however, it is worth keeping in mind that while the energy distributor may be marketing renewable resource to you, they might be lowering the quantity which is available to various other clients at the same time. The overall mix of energy does not transform.

The energy companies are anticipated to generate a specific percent of energy from renewable sources, however, some will agree to do greater than this as well as market it at a special “sustainable” rate to their green customers. In the UK there are no providers that provide 100% environment-friendly electricity. There is no guarantee that your electrical energy will originate from a renewable source, yet simply that your vendor is purchasing in the call for the percentage to cover your needs.

Still worthwhile?

It is true that going for an eco-friendly tariff doesn’t suggest you will only buy renewable energy – yet it definitely reveals willing. Even If more UK energy customers are determined to sign up to green tolls, the sustainable sector would certainly remain in a place to use more of this technology. If you make a decision to utilize electrical power as your main resource of home heating for your home, opting for an eco-friendly toll is just among the steps you can require to maintain your carbon footprint as reduced to feasible.


Stop Cutting Down Your Trees – Free Energy!

Though summertime is a wonderful time of year, with plenty of sunshine and flowers, but it can also be a very hot time of year and cooling your home during the warmer months can get expensive. Though there is little you can do about the heat of the sun, there are some things you could do to help cool your home naturally, and save energy. We know you probably have an awesome Chainsaw, and a fancy pair of chainsaw chaps, but resist wearing them and let your trees grow!

One of the most natural methods of cooling is by shading your home from the sun; to do this you will have to plant shade trees in your yard. There are several different types of trees that are good for shade; the area of the country you live in will be the deciding factor on which types of trees you plant.

One of the best, and fastest growing shade trees is the Red Oak. These trees tend to grow faster than others, and the size of the tree and its leaves give off great shade. If you surround your house with a couple of Red Oak Trees, in time they will give you significant protection against the harsh sun and heat.

When planting trees in your yard to provide shade you will have a couple of different options; you can either go with saplings, which will take a while to grow, or you can have full grown trees planted. This option is very expensive, but will provide immediate relief form the heat of the sun, and save you energy now. Planting saplings will be much less expensive, but then it will be a few years before you see the benefits of the trees.

There are a few more things you will have to consider if you are thinking of planting shade trees to save energy. First, you will have to think of the best place to plant that will provide you the maximum protection against the sun; the next thing you will have to look at is where in your yard will there be room to plant trees. Keep in mind the size of the trees when they are full grown, as well as how much room the roots will need. Not every yard has enough room to plant trees that grow big, but just about any type of tree is better than none for saving energy and helping to cool your house.

Trees are a beautiful addition to your yard’s landscape, and they make it pleasant to spend time outdoors, as well as helping to cool your home


Vacuum Cleaners and Energy Efficiency

Your vacuum cleaner is among the biggest energy consumers in your residence. Preserving power needs to go to the top of your top priority. With the enhancing shortage of energy resources, we ought to all take part in the conservation of energy. Begin saving energy by knowing ways to use your vacuum cleaner intelligently. Most newer canister vacuum cleaners like the ones on this site can help save money unlike older models.

Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum

Tidy your vacuum frequently. The bag needs to be disposed of when 3/4ths full. Do not allow it overflow or the collected dust will spread inside the equipment and into the electronics. Additionally tidy the brush roll. The equipment could function much faster as well as better in grabbing dirt if the brush roll is tidy. Get rid of gathered hair and pet dander. Likewise, examine the bearings. Apply lube to the bearings if they are a little limited. In this manner, the cleaner can roll perfectly. If there are components that should be changed, you should change them right away.

Restricting your use of this cleaning device

You ought to just use it when needed. This is best-made use of in cleaning upholstery and also furniture like mattresses as well as sofas to completely remove allergen as well as pet hair. When cleaning the flooring, you may want to make use of damp wipe to get rid of dust. Upright vacuum devices can be used however they likewise take in a great deal of power. You could do the job by hand. You can additionally use the extra hoses and tools.

Ensure the device has been plugged straight to the outlet

Do not make use of an extension cable as added power could obtain lost there. Straight connect it to an electrical outlet. These cleaning devices also require high voltage to function properly. It may wear away faster if it works in just minimal power supply.

Try switching to a more reliable cleansing device

When buying vacuum cleaners, make certain you choose those that has reliable functions. The power rated ones eat less energy. Compare the ordinary yearly energy consumption so you can choose better.

Do not make use of the machine to get sharp objects, pebbles and huge items

The vacuum cleaner works harder when you pick up these things. That being said, it has the tendency to take in more power.

Methodically clean your house

If your residence has a second flooring, start there first. This way, airborne dirt will certainly not take a trip to the first stage of your home when you have already cleaned that area.


The 5 Main Types of Renewable Energy and the Problems They Face

Renewable energy sources are being used more and more by people and companies around the world. Unfortunately, it is not making enough of a change yet. Some alternative energy sources are still being developed so we can use it more easily and others are a bit too expensive for everyone to install. If you can find a way to use these energies at home, do so.

There are 5 main types of renewable energy:

1. Wind power

Currently, this is the cheapest form of renewable energy. It uses the wind to power turbines that generate energy. There are no pollutants that are produced through this process. There are some concerns about the turbines and how they will affect the landscape and the habitat in years to come.

2. Solar power

As long as the sun shines, solar power will be a renewable energy source and we will have power. Solar panels are used to turn sunlight into energy without any negative pollutants as a result. The drawbacks of this type of energy are the cost of the solar panels and the amount of energy that is generated on days that are overcast.

3. Biomass

This type of renewable energy uses plant matter and animal waste to generate electricity. If these products are converted properly, it produces very little pollution and is a low-carbon energy source. This is a trickier renewable source and there is still some development needed. The conversion process is costly and if it is done incorrectly, it can cause damage to the environment.

4. Geothermal energy

This type of energy is generated through heated water and steam from the Earth. The steam is turned into electricity with no pollutants as a result. There are several geothermal power stations in California that produce 5% of the state’s power needs. The problem with this type of energy lies in the cost of building the plants and the availability of geothermally active areas.

5. Hydroelectric power

This type of power uses water running or flowing over turbines to make them move and produce electricity. Hydropower currently provides 20% of the world’s energy needs. Costs and potential disruption of wildlife, land, and communities are problems that we face with this type pf power.

As you can see, there are still a lot of development and research to be done to make these energy sources more readily available. Until then, try and do what you can to conserve energy.


5 Simple Ways to Conserve Energy in Your House and Reduce Your Bill

Using less energy in your home does not only save you money on your energy bill, but it also helps to save the environment. Our energy resources are running out and causing a lot of pollution. In order to conserve energy for future generations and clean up our world, energy saving is a must. Follow these 5 simple ways to save energy, the environment, and your money.

Check and fix your windows.

If your windows have thin windowpanes or cause drafts when closed, you need to fix them. A lot of heat gets lost through drafty and thin windowpanes. This can run up your winter energy bill because the heat keeps escaping. Double pane your windows or make sure that they are properly sealed.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

Change all your light bulbs to halogen light bulbs. They are energy efficient and use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. The halogen bulbs might cost more than the traditional ones, but they last longer and save you money on your power bill.

Wash with cold water

Only wash your clothes in cold water in the washing machine. This will reduce your energy bill. It seems that top loader washing machines use more power than front loaders. Consider making a switch.

Turn down the thermostat

Heating and air-conditioning units use a lot of energy to run. Avoid running these systems the whole day and turn them down by a few degrees. Instead of over-using heating, use cheaper methods like a hot-water bottle and an electric blanket to warm your bed. Leave the blanket on for a few minutes and once you are nice and cozy, switch it off. Your body heat, flannel sheets, and warm blankets will keep you warm no matter the room temperature.

Plant a few trees

Trees around your house will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. During summer, they will offer welcome shade and in winter they will allow sunlight to come through the windows while also acting as windbreakers.

Try these 5 simple things and see the difference in your energy bill. You might not see the difference it makes to the environment, but it does make a difference.